Whether you are doing a soft daytime bridal look or a pinup theme, it's always important to start with a flawless base. A good base will smooth out an uneven skin tone, hide redness and cover up imperfections as well as holding the colour of your blush, eyeshadow and lipstick. 



Here's my everyday routine for a great makeup base!

Prep:For a long-lasting base with a satin-finish, start with a freshly cleansed, toned and moisturised face. I recommend No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream as a good moisturiser to go under makeup as it is non-oily.  It also features an SPF 15 which is really important to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. Whether you’re ‘pale and interesting’, like myself, or prefer a golden tan, it’s important to use SPF to prevent skin cancer and the effects of ageing. 


Finally, apply a good primer with your fingers to smooth your skin out. This will hold your makeup for long-wear. Leave the primer to set for about sixty seconds before applying makeup.  I recommend Urban Decay Tightening & Brightening Primer. It’s liquid gold!


Base:Vintage looks tend to be matte, so get those powder brushes ready! I have oily skin with uneven tone, so for the perfect base, I like to wear something that stands the test of time. First I apply MAC Select Cover-Up concealer in a V-shape between my eyes, over the bridge of my nose and across my chin. Smooth the product over those areas with a foundation brush, working your way outwards, without hitting the hairline. (This will give your makeup a mask-like look.)


Allow the concealer to set for a few seconds before adding foundation. I like MAC Studio Fix foundation, which also contains an SPF. This foundation is great because it is a buildable formula. You can have it as light or as thick as you’d like. You can even mix it with moisturiser to make it lighter if you don’t like a lot of foundation. Perfect the foundation with a duo-fibre brush (also known as a stippling brush) to clean up any excess product and give the face an airbrushed look.


Dust a layer of translucent powder with a powder brush, or for a heavier look, finish your face with a pressed powder such as MAC Mineralise Skinfinish, rolling the powder into your skin with a sponge.



Contour:Unless you are going for a look to survive the stage lights, keep the contouring fairly minimal. Concentrate on the hollows of the cheekbones, located close to your ears, under the cheekbone, at the hinge of your jaw. Lightly shade this area with a blush brush to thin the face and create dimension. If you don’t have a strong jaw-line, you can also add a light dusting under your jaw-line and chin to create shadow.


If you don’t own a contouring kit, you can use a matte eyeshadow in a neutral brown. I like Natural Collection in Milk Chocolate (UK). It’s also a bargain price at under two pounds!