Colour and curls by The Salon Of Hastings.  We call it "Mocha Gemma Latte" ...

Last week i had the pleasure of visiting Hastings stylist Rebecca Wood's latest salon The Salon of Hastings.  Her second salon just opened this month, and is a huge leap from the crowded (but extremely fun) atmosphere of her first salon - a tiny three-station affair on the main street of Hastings. The new salon offers a huge amount of space, as well as a separate basin area and office.  Well done Rebecca!!!

While i was there, two of the stylists remarked on the good shape my hair was in. After ten years of harsh monthly colour treatments, three years ago i decided to give up the peroxide and go dark chocolate brown, giving my hair a well-earned rest. While this was definitely a huge step in the general health of my hair, i must admit to having a few rules when it comes to keeping my mane healthy and shiny.

1: Ease Off The Shampoo!

While to many people this may sound pretty gross, i have to admit to only washing my hair once or twice per week.

"But my hair gets so greasy after even one day!" you may protest.  The fact is that the harsh chemicals in shampoo strip the hair and dry out the scalp, forcing it to work overtime to produce more oil than you (and your social life) need.  Easing off to once every two days, then three, then even four days (hello top knot!) will train your scalp to slow down with the oil slick, giving your hair time to recover.  

My favorite products when it comes to washing day are Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care with Almond Oil, which is one of the few shampoos my poor, peroxide-abused scalp will tolerate.  

Conditioners don't come any better than Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Hair Masque (I guarantee you'll get compliments on how shiny your hair is!).  

Finally, a leave-in treatment that's been my old faithful for two years - Organix Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil. You only need a tiny amount of this - smaller than a five-cent piece in the palm of your hand.  The bottle will last a year... I'm not even joking!    


2: Blow-Dry Your Hair Upside-Down 

Sounds weird, i know.  But the last thing you want is your hair drying flat against your scalp leaving your scalp moist and warm.  Flipping your head over to dry your roots will diffuse air into your hair and keep oil OD's at bay.  


3: You Are What You Eat ... 

It's an oldie but a goodie... If you have flat, oily hair that doesn't hold a curl, take a look at your diet.  

What you put into your body is going to come out in your skin, nails and hair.  So turn to fresh fruit and natural yoghurt in place of ice cream and cake, carrots with hummus in place of potato chips and be sure to use lots of steamed or stir fried vegetables in your cooking.  I also love to put delicious cashews and avocado slices in warm chicken salads for a hit of good fats and proteins. Steamed salmon is a great alternative to chicken and also includes all the great nutrients your hair needs.  Add a squeese of lime and a little cracked pepper - what do you need to go to a restaurant for? 


Until next time, be wonderful to your hair ...and each other!

Gemma xoxo